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Aer Lingus offered Heathrow slots guarantees by British…

Aer Lingus Moves One Step Closer to IAG Takeover |… Also, Aer Lingus’s Heathrow slots, which are highly valuable, will remain under Aer Lingus’s control for the foreseeable future. IAG also hopes to be able to add 635 jobs to Aer Lingus and to Ireland by 2020. allocation of slots at airports | English Definition &… Aer Lingus is attractive for Ryanair because of its valuable takeoff and landing slots at airports like Heathrow in London.

An Aer Lingus plane passes a British Airways aircraft on the runway at London Heathrow – Aer Lingus owns 23 landing and take-off slots at the airport, worth between €770m and €925m ...

Aer Lingus slots at London Heathrow week of 6-Apr-2015 However, Aer Lingus has two key attractions to IAG and its CEO Willie Walsh, an ex-CEO of Aer Lingus: an important holding of slots at London Heathrow, the main hub of IAG's British Airways, and a high growth strategy on the North Atlantic, which is BA's key long-haul market.

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