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POKER FACE | definizione, significato - Cambridge Dictionary poker face - definizione, significato, pronuncia audio, sinonimi e più ancora. Che cosa è poker face? 1. an expression on someone's face that does not show what they are thinking or feeling: 2. an expression on someone's face that does not show what the person is thinking or feeling: Vedi di più ancora nel dizionario Inglese - Cambridge Dictionary Oque significa LOL [Meme Face] ? | Yahoo Respostas Melhor resposta: LOL é uma sigla americana que significa "Laughing Out Loud", que seria em português Risadas. Assim como aqui no Brasil utilizamos RS para abreviar a palavra risos, lá eles usam LOL para abreviar "Laughing out Loud", também existem várias outras siglas como. los memes que hay!!! y lo k significa!!!! - Animaciones en ...

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Poker Face – довольно распространенное понятие, как в покере, так и за его пределами.Но, мало кто знает, что Poker Face – это также специальные мимические уловки, применяемые игроком чтобы ввести оппонента в заблуждение. Free Clipart: Poker face meme | inapag428

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Song- Pokerface by: Lady Gaga. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. MEME : POKER FACE - YouTube creado por E.U.P producciones para su uso diario-----SUSCRIBETE-----Si tienes alguna duda , oferta de trabajo para nosotros o algún consejo , te dejamos nuestro correo . Poker Face | Know Your Meme Poker Face is a 4pane exploitable series illustrating mostly awkward and sometimes embarrassing social situations experienced by the main character, who always responds with a blank expression and a caption that reads “poker face.” Poker Face: ¿Cómo nació el meme de la cara de poker? (FOTOS ...

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Poker face meme - Free drawing,line,comic,poker,Meme,face, Clip art by inapag428 and more and are constantly expanding our content with exclusive files.Poker face meme. Free Clip art by Inapag428.